Pink Girly Sissy Boy Behavior


Hey girls out there,

I am checking out stores for dresses,bras,panties,skirts and much more stuff very frequently. In the internet and on the streets, shopping malls and so on. Sometimes I can see some pink girls. Or read comments of them. Some of them got a very bad behavior to other girls like us. Ladys….we have to help each other. Not fight each other. We are weak if we are alone. Stand together! If it is the last pink nailpolish in the shop then be a good girl and give it to the other one. You still can go to an other shop for this nailpolish. If it is a real girl….don’t think she would do the same for you. She would not. Just pink girly boys like us can stand together like this. That makes us more pink and girl a true girl never can be. Okay girls I got some rules for you. If you girlswill  follow this rules you will become more girly and pink:

  1. Think pink. Everytime when you go out don’t think about what a nice car is the one on the street. Think about what a nice dress is wearing the woman inside the car. For example.
  2. Everytime when you go to pee you have to sit down!
  3. Respect, love and don’t think anything bad about your husband,boyfriend,master or teacher!(can be your wife as well which is playing that role^^) Never!!!!
  4. Try to look pretty and cute.
  5. Wear girls clothes as much as you can.
  6. Train your make-up skills every day.Or as much as you can.
  7. Never attack an other pink girly sissy boy. NEVER!!!
  8. Always keep smiling!
  9. Make your husband,boyfriend and so on have a good life!
  10. Never do any financial stuff without your husband or so on. He/she is the stronger one so he/she ll get the money.
  11. Be proud of yourself.
  12. Tell yourself every morning that you are a cute pink girly sissy boy. Because you are 🙂
  13. Check out your favorite fashion stores frequently!

Okay girls I think that should be enough for the moment. Be good girls and learn the rules. 😉

*kiss everybody* bye

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